Earley CResCent Resource Centre

Earley CResCent Community Association

Mobile Information Centre

The MICe Vehicle provides an Information Outreach Service to the local community “taking information to people around Wokingham Borough”.

The Mobile Information Centre, known locally as MICe, is the outreach arm of Earley CResCent Resource Centre. We operate a community information service from a purpose built vehicle ‘taking information to the people’.

We provide an information signposting service, accessible to all. The service particularly supports more vulnerable residents, including the elderly or those with a disability, who may be unable to access information in other ways.

This unique service provides a broad range of community information from 7 different sites across the Wokingham Borough. The community benefit by having access to up-to-date, local, relevant information, from Health and Education to Pensions and local activities, with local people on-board to help. The vehicle also has 3G online access to the internet, which is available with assistance.

Our Information Worker / Driver – Allan, and his team of volunteers welcome guests onto the vehicle, who wish to highlight their services and organisations. 

Have a look at the timetable below and find out where the MICe Vehicle will be next.

click here for the MICE - Timetable



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