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Volunteers List

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our CResCent community.

We currently have over 60 volunteers on our team. Their duties are wide ranging, employing a variety of skills and attributes:

  • We have Board of Trustees who have responsibility for and oversee the management of our facility.
  • A Finance team who manage the budgets, day-to-day accounts and staff payroll.  
  • A team to man our Helpdesk and CResCent Moon Café
  • A team to cook and serve our Wednesday lunch
  • Volunteers to support on our Job Club, on Adult Learning courses and also on our MICe vehicle



I visited the Centre for advice and enjoyed their excellent courses and support so much that I decided to stay on as a volunteer to help others.

It is great to be part of a fantastic independent community resource that is there for everyone. Being a volunteer is like being part of a large fun family, all working together to help the community.

 Adrian Shell – New Volunteer

Being a volunteer at CResCent is very enjoyable and there is always a friendly atmosphere about the place. Many of us have been here for a number of years now and the fact that we have never even thought about leaving speaks for itself. We get more out of volunteering at CResCent than we give.

We just like being here.

Grace, Joyce & Norah – The Thursday Team


     Our Current Team of Volunteers – Thank you all for your amazing work.

  • Alan Langford
  • Alena Turchak
  • Ananya Siram                                     
  • Ann-Marie Manning
  • Anna Whitters
  • Anne Duffin
  • Anne Selenger
  • Barbara Langford
  • Brenda Tucker
  • Brian Gregory
  • Bridget King (MICe)
  • Celia Haslam
  • Cindy Thompson
  • Claire Giles
  • David Miles (MICe)
  • Deepa Rajesh Babu
  • Deepti Tiwari
  • Elaine Spratling
  • Gemma Duffett
  • Gill Brown (MICe)
  • Grace Batey
  • Graham Hale
  • Jan Edge
  • Jane Cant
  • Jean Barnes (MICe)
  • Jenny McGhee
  • Joyce Anderson
  • Julie Bartley
  • Lesley Lyden
  • Maggie Aldwin
  • Maggie Maker
  • Malcolm Chalk
  • Margaret Berriman
  • Maria Castelino-Moniz
  • Marie Ingham
  • Marjory Jones (MICe)
  • Meghana Pothapragada
  • Muly Livingstone
  • Nick Noble
  • Norah Tucker
  • Pam Boardman
  • Pam Whitwam
  • Paul Lyden
  • Peter Farrington
  • Phyllis Manning
  • Rex Codling
  • Rex Fenn
  • Ronald Cant
  • Shabran Ali
  • Sheila Morgan
  • Sid Pink
  • Tony Barker (MICe)
  • Valerie Givan
  • Vipool Thakar (MICe).



     Are you interested in doing some volunteer work?
     Have you thought of coming to volunteer here at the CResCent Centre?
  • A chance to meet new people.
  • An opportunity to use your existing skills or gain new ones.
  • Be part of a great team.

     Why not come along for a session and get a feel for things?

       Our team will be happy to help, show you around and describe the tasks that our volunteers carry out.

       If you would like to know more about the Volunteering opportunities we have, please complete the form below.

       One of our team members will contact you as soon as possible after we receive your request.



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